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       Pilates + Acro

Vinyasa Flow • Pilates • Acro 
Balances • Inversions • Yin

Steph’s Yoga classes are a Vinyasa Flow style with the perfect balance of Pilates strength, Flexibility, Stability, Balance and moving with the breath within the present moment.

Want more than Flow Yoga + Pilates, Steph also teaches Acro styled yoga classes working towards Inversions and Arm balances. These Acro/Yoga classes are done at your home or in Steph’s private home studio and are completely tailored to your yoga goals.

If you’re looking to slow down and connect your mind and body on a deeper level, Yin Yoga is for you where we move through a sequence of floor poses that are held between 1-5mins focusing on the breath.

To book a session or find out more information about prices and availability please email – 

Classes available at Greenhills Beach, Zoom Online & Privates.
(Prices may vary depending on Style, location and participants)

Follow Steph’s Yoga + Pilates + Acro Journey below



Certified Yoga Teacher – 200RYT  (Trained @ Byron Yoga Centre)
Certified Pilates Teacher  (Studio Pilates International)

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